Tezos NFTs are Coming to Hellfest 2023

The Tezos-based ticketing platform known as Billy has launched a collaboration with Hellfest 2023.

Originally published at Tezos Commons News

By William McKenzie


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When we look for use cases of blockchain that can bring real-world adoption and usage, what better place to start than in-person events like a music festival?

As a fellow concertgoer myself, Ticketmaster has quite the monopoly over any form of ticketing purchase. It fails to grasp the unique community around these events and how to leverage that community in a way that creates truly unique and memorable experiences.

After all, isn’t that what concerts and festivals are really about creating? This post will dive deeper into another use case for Tezos NFTs at Hellfest 2023.

Meet Hellframes #

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It’s no secret that is one of the most popular metal music festivals in the world that takes place in Clisson, France. This year’s artist lineup is jam-packed with the likes of Kiss, Motley Crue, Machine Gun Kelly, Iron Maiden, and many more. In total, over 200 artists will be performing from June 15-18 for this year’s festival.

Hellfest has decided to do something different for its attendees this year. By partnering up with Tezos-based ticketing platform Billy, attendees with 4 passes will be offered “digital twins” as NFTs. These digital twins are called Hellframes and represent the different stages at the festival that can be collected as an NFT.

Hellfest stated why it is using Tezos as its blockchain of choice for the collection:

It is a high-performance eco-responsible blockchain, with a limited carbon footprint thanks to the use of block validation called “Proof Of Stake” which reduces the network’s carbon footprint by 99% compared to those who use “Proof Of Work” validation such as Bitcoin. Blockchain allows, among other things, users to interact securely, directly and without friction with each other on a decentralized network, exchanging value without the need for intermediaries.

The collection of Hellframes will comprise of 666 total NFTs with different rankings that give attendees a chance to win various prizes or even upgrades their regular passes to VIP passes. This is just one way attendees will be able to access new experiences during and after the festival.

Make sure to head over to the collection and get yours by June 12th!

What is “Billy”? #

Tezos NFTs are Coming to Hellfest 2023, image 2

Blockchain and NFTs may be a little overwhelming for those first getting introduced to the space. For instance, the more steps there are for the user, the less likely they will be able to follow through the entire process. Luckily, Billy helps eliminate all the friction with creating a crypto wallet and dipping your toes into the world of Tezos NFTs.

Billy is not a person. Rather, it is an advanced ticketing platform powered by Tezos allowing fans to take their event experiences to the next level. Through the platform, by simply providing your email, Billy will generate a digital wallet that can be used to collect and store NFTs.

In the case of Hellfest, Billy has collaborated to provide attendees of the festival with an effortless onboarding process to collect their Hellframe NFTs and unlock unique experiences during and after the festival. Even if you’re not immediately drawn to the concept of digital collectibles or NFTs, who does not love the chance to potentially secure a free VIP or backstage pass upgrade?

If we want to dive further, the idea of digital collectibles isn’t something too far-fetched. Based on research by Fundera, over 80% of people prefer credit card payments instead of using cash. If most people are already willing to use a form of electronic money to pay for goods and services, why shouldn’t the same trajectory take place within collectibles?

Compounding this with all the unique security benefits that blockchain enables, it’s really a no-brainer. Of course, the added benefit of being able to offer extra perks to ticket owners is great. Through platforms like Billy, your festival tickets are unique, tamper-proof, and traceable all thanks to the blockchain.

If you’re an event organizer looking to take your upcoming event to the next level, be sure to head over to Billy and get started!

Looking Forward #

As Tezos continues to evolve and grow so are the ways in which users can interact with NFTs. Through platforms like Billy, festival attendees, and more can tap into unique and exciting experiences thanks to the Tezos blockchain. Hellfest 2023’s collaboration with Billy provides a prime example in which NFTs can help event event organizers create new and exciting ways for fans to engage.