Tezos Ukraine Reviews Emergents TCG, Calls it "The best game on Tezos!"

The team at Tezos Ukraine has spent the days since August 11th playing Emergents TCG - apparently non-stop


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Some of the characters available in the beta version of Emergents TCG, the new Tezos-based trading card game from Interpop.

There’s a lot of buzz around new Tezos-based trading card game Emergents TCG right now, following its launch as a public beta last week.

The team at Tezos Ukraine has spent the days since August 11th diligently playing Emergents TCG - apparently non-stop, judging from their claim to have played through the game about 50 times. It’s a tough job, but hey - somebody has to do it!

The key to winning is to accumulate enough energy to play one of the best characters and then build the game around its skills - Tezos Ukraine

Luckily, it turns out to have been an enjoyable experience. All in all, according to Tezos Ukraine (TU), Emergents TCG, which was created and illustrated by some of the most well-known names in the world of comic books and gaming, is “the best game on Tezos”.

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The Emergents TCG beta contains 43 characters and 26 actions, which can be used to enhance characters and attack opponents. Characters are divided into factions: Strongarm, Sculptor, Acolyte, Non-stop and Tinkerer. Each character has five characteristics: Cost in energy, cost in power, attack value, life score, and for some characters, a special skill.

Like most trading card games, gameplay consists of two players taking turns laying out cards and attacking each other, with the loser being the player that runs out of lives first. The game begins by each player drawing five cards at random, and receiving one unit of power and energy each. The cards are free, but players can buy custom skins in the Minterpop Marketplace.

The TU team estimates that even with the help of a training mode, it still will take an Emergents TCG player between ten and 20 plays to really grasp the game, since some aspects of the gameplay, like ‘wildcarding’ are a little different to most conventional trading card games.

In order to fully understand the mechanics and begin to meaningfully build an attack and defense, you need to play at least a dozen games. - Tezos Ukraine

Players must play a card on each turn in order to build resources, and wildcarding allows a player with no resources to play a card, with a chance (given as a percentage figure) of success. The chance is low at 10%, but increases to 20% if the first attempt was unsuccessful, then 30%, then 40% and so on. Wildcard plays still count for building - something that’s particularly important in the early turns of a game. Wildcarding creates the potential for several strategies, further enhancing the complexity of the gameplay.

Advanced gameplay mechanics was one of the aspects of Emergents TCG highlighted by Interpop founder Brian David-Marshall when he was interviewed on TezTalks Live earlier this week:

What we’ve tried to so is streamline the gameplay, come up with some new, cool resource mechanics that can lead to some really wild game-states […] We’re constantly working on improving the visual fidelity of the game, and making it exciting - Brian David-Marshall, on TezTalks Live

According to early reviewers including Tezos Ukraine and Tezos Commons, all that hard work has paid off in a great game. Emergents TCG is available to play now, for free, as a public beta.