Teztones: Where Art & Music Meet Sports on Tezos!

Discover the project that merges competitive spirit and artistic creativity into thrilling ‘Artletics.’ Discover TezTones!

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Imagine a world where the competitive spirit and team camaraderie of sports leagues meld seamlessly with the boundless creativity and expressive depth of the art world. Envision artists not just as solitary creators, but as athletes in their own right, engaging in a vibrant competition that celebrates both individual talent and collective collaboration. Can you envision it yet?

This isn’t just a fantasy — it’s a groundbreaking reality. Enter TezTones, an amazing project that redefines the boundaries between sports and artistry, inviting artists from around the globe to compete, collaborate, and showcase their work in an entirely new light. Welcome to a new age of artistic expression, where the thrill of competition meets the beauty of creation.

What is Teztones? #

TezTones is a project on Tezos that was started by Ari (a.k.a. Hashbrown) and Darryl (a.k.a. Bases) a little less than a year ago. It started as an idea that materialized and evolved with the help of the community and its input through discussions and Twitter spaces, a true collective effort!

Inspired by the big leagues like the NFL, MLB, FIFA, and the explosive world of eSports (hence the term “Artletics” or “aSports” that you might often see used in the TezTones community), it became apparent that artists deserved their own dynamic arena.

This realization sparked the creation of a unique space where creatives, fans, and friends could converge for an experience akin to those found in traditional and e-sports. The idea was simple yet revolutionary. Why not blend the camaraderie, competition, and excitement of sports leagues with the art world? And so, the TezTones project was born!

How Does it Work? #

TezTones operates through a seasonal structure where artists sign up through a form and are then drafted into teams with selected captains in a live, public event (usually a twitter/X space). Teams comprise at least two musicians and one visual artist, promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Just like the NBA, there is a regular season where teams face each other and gather points based on their wins, and at the end, the top teams in the rankings move forward to the postseason where they face each other in elimination rounds.

In each match-round, teams are given a broad theme around which they start creating, allowing creative freedom, with teams given time for preparation, minting, and promotion. The winners of each match are announced in their live metaverse event that is held during the match day.

The judging system combines voting from the community during the regular season with a mix of judge scores and votes in the postseason, focusing on collaborative effort, emotive quality, and originality.

On the technical side, collaborative smart contracts ensure equitable royalty and primary sale revenue sharing among team members, with specific allocations for artists, a winners’ pool, and the TezTones initiative itself. The number of teams in each season varies with adjustments and community input guiding the evolution of the project.

With Season 1 of TezTones wrapped up, featuring an amazing final showdown between the finalist teams (King Cheetahs and Team Indigo), and Season 2 a few months out, now’s the prime time to get in on this art-meets-competition scene. Whether you’re an artist ready to challenge yourself or a fan of creative showdowns, there’s a warm-up period to explore the community and get a feel for the game.

Artists, take this downtime to mingle, brainstorm, and gear up for Season 2. It’s more than just a competition; it’s about connecting and gearing up for what’s next. For fans and future participants, dive into the community vibes, support the artists, and soak up the creativity that’s already unfolded.

Conclusion #

It’s super cool to see initiatives like TezTones flourishing on Tezos, showcasing the power of combining art, technology, and competition. If that sounds fun to you, don’t sit on the sidelines waiting for Season 2. Jump into the TezTones community now on Twitter or Discord, get involved, and be part of this innovative journey on Tezos.

Let’s ramp up for next season and make it even more epic, together. It’s time to let the artistic creations flow. I for one, will be eagerly waiting to see what the amazing and talented artists come up with for Season 2!