The Tezos Ecosystem DAO Is Now Listed On The PASS

Let's delve into the Tezos Ecosystem DAO and its recent inclusion on the DAO aggregator, The PASS.

By William McKenzie


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If you’re not yet aware, there’s a “DAO aggregator” that provides data on more than 8,000 different DAOs across many blockchains. This aggregator is known as The PASS, and it proves particularly valuable in presenting a wealth of significant information about DAOs, including social graphs, treasury values, governance specifics, and much more.

Within this article, our focus shifts to one of the recently listed DAOs on The PASS, namely, the Tezos Ecosystem DAO.

What is the Tezos Ecosystem DAO? #

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The notion of establishing a transparent on-chain treasury to uphold the Tezos ecosystem has undergone frequent discussions for some time. In fact, motivations and potential designs were introduced by Arthur Breitman in mid-2019. The Tezos Ecosystem DAO effectively fulfills this initial vision by offering an open and decentralized avenue to curate, vote on, and distribute tez in support of various initiatives within the Tezos ecosystem.

Operational on Tezos mainnet through Homebase, this DAO enables any member of the Tezos community to propose ideas for funding on Tezos Agora. After the proposals are submitted, Tezos Commons will participate in the curation process and submit the proposals on-chain, in which the five multi-sig holders will then vote on.

The Tezos Ecosystem DAO is also fully upgradeable in every way. Things such as the governance of the treasury, introducing more keyholders, or giving bakers voting power to override the DAO that does not align with community desires are all possible and will evolve as the experiment unfolds.

With participation from entities like Trilitech, Tezos Domains Foundation, Tezos Foundation, Tezos India Foundation, and , the DAO accommodates voting by each team on funding requests. Upon approval (3 of the 5 multi sig holders must vote yes), the Tezos Ecosystem DAO executes proposals while dispersing funds to the original proposer.

As this represents an early-stage endeavor and a proof of concept, the approaches may evolve based on community feedback. Approaches like grants, inflation funding, or other avenues are open to consideration. If you wish to contribute to the Tezos Ecosystem DAO’s treasury (Note: contributions are not mandatory to participate), simply explore OBJKT’s Tezos protocol upgrade memorabilia collection and acquire some NFTs.

(Keep your eyes on the Tezos Ecosystem DAO as many exciting things are in the works…)

DAOs Within The Tezos Realm #

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Substantial infrastructure development and progress have emerged within the realm of DAOs on Tezos, including the adoption and evolution of Homebase. Homebase has not only successfully onboarded several institutions to leverage the platform for their DAO needs but has also rendered it accessible to everyone by allowing the creation of a Tezos based DAO within minutes.

Recent efforts have amalgamated Homebase Lite with the main Homebase application, offering users the ability to craft off-chain polls for their DAOs, thus providing the same features as on-chain voting within the primary Homebase application.

Imagine it as Ethereum’s Snapshot, but embedded within the primary application alongside features like Lambda DAOs.

This infrastructure is pivotal as it furnishes the essential experimentation and familiarity imperative for a project such as the Tezos Ecosystem DAO to come to fruition.

The Tezos Ecosystem DAO stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of the Tezos community. By embracing the notion of a transparent on-chain treasury and providing a decentralized platform for curation, voting, and tez distribution (governance), this DAO enables the forward-thinking ethos inherent to the Tezos ecosystem.

As Homebase continues its evolution, catalyzing the growth of DAOs on Tezos, the Tezos Ecosystem DAO serves as a prime example of the potential that lies within this technology.

Looking Forward #

The Tezos Ecosystem DAO’s listing on The PASS is not just a recognition of its presence but a celebration of its potential and the collaborative efforts driving it. As Tezos continues to evolve and mature, the Tezos Ecosystem DAO shines as a beacon of innovation, a testament to the community’s dedication, and a promising signpost for the future of decentralized governance.