Trying Out The Alpha Of Star Symphony

A look at Star Symphony, a new game that is going to be using the Tezos Blockchain.

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The emergence of blockchain technology has ushered in a new era in gaming known as “Web3 gaming”. Even though I’m not a fan of the phrase Web3 gaming (in my opinion it should be just gaming), it’s important to keep in mind that this innovation goes beyond the initial buzzwords of play-to-earn and tokens, focusing on the transformative impact of blockchain on the gaming industry.

Blockchain technology brings several key benefits to gamers and developers, including ownership of in-game assets, transparent and trustworthy in-game economies, player-driven monetization, and potential revenue opportunities for gaming companies.

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As I’ve explained in a previous article, Tezos is a perfect fit for developers looking to revolutionize the gaming industry. Tezos offers highly decentralized scalability, low transaction fees, a supportive community, developer tooling, and upgradability and adaptability while making it a secure and versatile platform for both players and game developers.

Taking all the above into account, it is no surprise that we see new games being built on Tezos all the time (even during the “bear market”). One such example is the newly announced Star Symphony game.

What is Star Symphony? #

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Star Symphony, is a manga-themed rhythm game that is being built on Tezos which you can play today! The team behind the project has already released an Alpha on the testnet that you can try out here.

According to their website, the game will have many features added in the future like buffs, battles, and more, all while following a fantasy-themed story.

It’s important to note that there is a heavyweight advisory team behind the game with names like Kai Huang (Co-founder of Guitar Hero), Rachid Belrhiti (Head of Marketing Sandbox & Ex-Ubisoft), and more.

How to play #

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Once you get on the website, the first thing you need to do is open a new wallet or connect with your already existing one. By utilizing Kukai’s social login feature which allows you to connect with your Gmail, Twitter(X), and other social accounts, the onboarding process for non-crypto users becomes seamless, but if you already have your own wallet like me, then simply connect it and get started.

The next thing you might want to do is to customize your game settings, including audio and controls. The default hotkeys for gameplay are D, F, J, and K. Choose your game difficulty, ranging from EASY to HARD, and select a song to play.

The gameplay involves pressing designated hotkeys as keys descend in their lanes, with longer keys requiring a sustained press. After completing a song, players can view their score, combo count, misses, and then either replay or select a new song.

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It’s truly fascinating to witness the intersection of blockchain and gaming, with Tezos emerging as a forefront platform. The potential and promise that Star Symphony brings to the table, especially with industry heavyweights on the advisory team, piques curiosity and excitement. As we tread further into this innovative era, it’s games like Star Symphony that will help shape the future narrative.

For those intrigued by the blend of rhythm, manga, and blockchain, why wait on the sidelines? Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s Star Symphony time! Give the Alpha a try and let the music guide you. 🎵🎮🌟