TezTalks #37: Max Wolfe of McLaren Racing

Max Wolfe of McLaren Racing tells TezTalks he's been focused on creating a great NFT experience for fans of the team.


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The latest episode of TezTalks Radio by Tezos Commons is live, featuring a conversation between hosts Marissa Trew, Stu Elmes and guest Max Wolfe, Director of Licensing, Ecommerce & esports at .

In 2021, McLaren racing announced that it had selected Tezos as its official blockchain partner across Formula 1, IndyCar, and its esports teams. Since then, Max told Marissa and Stu he’s been focused on creating a great experience for fans of the team.

Asked why McLaren decided to get into blockchain, Wolfe explained:

Our history of success comes from innovation, both on and off the track. We always want to be on the cutting edge, at the front of the grid. We recognize the potential [of blockchain] to affect ways of working in the future, but also as a way to deliver new experiences to fans […]. That’s something that’s really important to us too because we love our fans and without them, there would be no motor racing. Moving into the blockchain arena is all about pursuing innovation and engaging fans, and driving the best experience we can.

For the team’s first NFT project, McLaren parted out its 2021 F1 car into 22 different virtual parts, with each part modeled on genuine CAD data. Bad news for anyone hoping to create their own grand prix-winning car though, Alex told TezTalks, the models were “slightly tweaked” to protect McLaren’s proprietary aerodynamic data.

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