TZ APAC and Starbase Team Up to Advance Web3 Gaming

The partnership will leverage the parties’ expertise to discover, support, and accelerate Web3 gaming projects into the Tezos ecosystem.


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Tzapac Starbase

TZ APAC, the leading Asia-based blockchain adoption entity supporting the Tezos ecosystem, has announced a partnership with Starbase to accelerate the growth of Web3 games on Tezos. Starbase is an accelerator for GameFi and AI projects and it will assist TZ APAC in discovering, selecting, and launching high-quality Web3 gaming projects in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

This collaboration will continue the growth trajectory of the gaming ecosystem on Tezos and bring momentum into the APAC Web3 gaming industry.

The partnership #

The primary objective of this partnership is to promote high-quality Web3 gaming projects within the Tezos ecosystem and jointly promote the development of the GameFi track.

TZ APAC will provide comprehensive support for Starbase’s ecosystem gaming projects. This support will include grants, marketing, and technical assistance, effectively reducing gaming startups’ development costs and operational risks. As a result, these startups can focus on innovating game content and player experiences.

Starbase will leverage its regional expertise and vantage point to help TZ APAC discover and curate more high-quality Web3 gaming projects in the APAC region. It will also assist these projects in seamlessly integrating and deploying within the Tezos ecosystem.


Headquartered in Singapore with a team spread across Asia, TZ APAC empowers creators and developers to thrive on Tezos and nurtures the next generation of Web3 gaming, NFT, and DeFi champions in the region, offering funding and other support within the Tezos ecosystem.

Starbase #

Starbase provides platform-based acceleration for Web3 startups seeking to commercialize their products. The accelerator focuses on three core needs: application scenarios, financial assets, and user growth.

Since its establishment in 2018, the Starbase team has worked with over a thousand established projects and institutions. They have identified gaming as a primary focus and launched a range of acceleration services to support high-quality Web3 gaming projects. These services include user growth, product design consultation, marketing strategy, and investment/financing support.

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