Beyond Collectibles: Making Web3 Games That Players Truly Value

NFTs enable games to offer unique benefits, and yet many games fail to realize their full potential. Here are a few ways to boost the Web3 gaming experience.


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NFTs have stormed onto the gaming scene, but too often their promise of “true digital ownership” rings hollow. Players are left with digital items that are pretty to look at… and not much else.

To avoid the “JPEGs with extra steps” trap, let’s explore how NFTs can deeply enhance the gameplay experience, delivering tangible value beyond pure speculation.

NFTs that do something #

Think of an NFT within your game not just as a collectible, but as an active element with the potential to:

Rarity isn’t enough: it’s about utility #

Sure, scarce NFTs hold appeal, but scarcity alone isn’t a fulfilling gameplay mechanic. Here’s how to ensure your in-game NFTs provide genuine utility:

The Tezos Unity SDK advantage #

Building this type of experience from scratch can be a daunting task. This is where Tezos Unity SDK comes to the rescue:

Looking at the future #

NFTs within games hold the potential to redefine the way players interact with items and characters. By focusing on utility, dynamic systems, and deep integration with your core mechanics, you’ll create NFTs that truly enhance the experience for everyone.

With the power of Tezos Unity SDK, these concepts are easier than ever to turn into reality. How can NFTs add unique value to your current game project? Come brainstorm with our community on Discord!