Universal Health Token to Introduce Gamified Digital Healthcare to the Tezos Ecosystem

With backing from the Tezos Foundation, the project aims to improve preventative healthcare by incentivizing healthy behaviors.


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Uht Tezos

Following a partnership with the Tezos Foundation, the creators of the Universal Health Token have selected Tezos as the blockchain ecosystem of choice for the launch of UHT.

The Force of Good Foundation created UHT in partnership with Animoca Brands-funded healthcare start-up GOQii. With a focus on widespread adoption and interoperability, they envision a collaborative healthcare ecosystem where the token serves as a catalyst for wellness and positive behavioral change.

Initially released in beta on Polygon in October 2023 via the GOQii digital platform, the project is set to transition onto Etherlink - the Tezos-based EVM-compatible L2 network - in the coming months.

About the UHT #

UHT focuses on rewarding people for holistically healthy living by gamifying health and rewarding healthy behaviors and lifestyle habits. This includes staying active, eating healthy, sleeping well, meditating, monitoring vitals, interacting with experts, and storing health records.

Conceived as a response to the urgent need for preventive care, UHT aims to combat chronic diseases by incentivizing healthy living through a comprehensive digital ecosystem.

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands and an advisor for UHT, commented:

The Universal Health Token is a project at the confluence of decentralization and preventive healthcare. The integration of gamification in health initiatives represents a pioneering approach to addressing some of the most pressing challenges in global healthcare. We support and share UHT’s vision of leveraging blockchain technology to create immersive digital experiences and achieve meaningful real-world outcomes.

Use cases #

A health e-marketplace provided by GOQii is already available for users to spend UHT to purchase health-focused products, services, and digital health solutions.

In addition to the existing relationships with healthcare organizations through the partnership with GOQii, the Force of Good Foundation is working to partner with other healthcare organizations, including hospitals, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, to enable them to reward their users for proactive health management, adherence to treatment plans, and achieving positive outcomes.

Living healthy #

As global life expectancy continues to grow and healthcare costs soar, preventative initiatives such as UHT become increasingly important. Preventative initiatives are essential for addressing the underlying factors driving a rise in chronic diseases and healthcare expenditure.

Living a healthy life shouldn’t depend on treating illnesses after they occur. Rather, it should be about proactively managing health and wellness to prevent the onset of diseases - where possible. Projects like the Universal Health Token have the potential to shift the focus of healthcare from reactive to proactive by offering incentives to promote healthy behavior.

Incentivizing healthy choices demonstrates the positive impact that technological progress can have on the well-being of people in their day-to-day lives. The Tezos Foundation is proud to support the pioneering healthy behavior enhancement program of Universal Health Token. – Jean-Frédéric Mognetti, Executive Director at the Tezos Foundation.

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