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Welcome to Spotlight - a new content hub on, aimed at a mass audience of Tezos-curious developers and creatives.


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Welcome to Spotlight - a new content hub aimed at a mass audience of developers and creatives. Spotlight will cater to blockchain and Web3-curious readers of all expertise levels, with a specific focus on the Tezos ecosystem.

Spotlight hosts a mixture of original articles and videos, alongside featured content from other channels within the Tezos community. The name of the site, Spotlight, speaks to both the core mission of the channel, to increase awareness and discoverability of content within the Tezos ecosystem, and the method by which it will achieve that goal - selecting good content, and promoting it.

Think of Spotlight as a literal light in the darkness, helping illuminate content that might otherwise be hard to see.

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How content on Spotlight is categorized: #

Content on Spotlight is organized under five categories, and any given piece of content can have multiple category tags:

Originals | Technology | Culture | Community | Enterprise

The Originals category is where you’ll find all content produced ‘in-house’, either by the Spotlight editorial team or by one of the many other creatives we work with inside the Tezos ecosystem. If you see the Originals tag on a written article it means that Spotlight is the original publisher - the content hasn’t been published anywhere else.

The Technology tag is used for content that is, you guessed it, technical in nature. That might be a detailed analysis of a proposed upgrade to the Tezos protocol, the announcement of a new feature, or information about a developer-focused project or event.

The Culture tag is appended to content that relates to the creative applications of Web3 technology in general, and Tezos in particular. That’s everything from minting and collecting digital art, to NFT-based experiences created by brands and sports teams.

Content organized under the Community tag relates to events, announcements or services related to the Tezos community. That might be a conference, a hackathon, or a meetup, but it could also be the launch of another content channel within the ecosystem or an announcement from the Spotlight team.

The Enterprise tag is used for content that relates to commercial applications of Web3 in general and Tezos in particular. That might be a story about a particular crypto exchange, or the announcement of a new corporate baker or brand partnership etc.

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Why visit Spotlight? #

For developers:
Spotlight features up-to-the-minute news about the Tezos protocol, updates, and announcements of major new projects. Watch videos and read analysis and technical opinion pieces written by developers and technical thought-leaders within the Tezos ecosystem.

For creatives:
Spotlight features interviews with some of the foremost digital artists and creative influencers in the Web3 space and provides timely announcements of community ecosystem events and projects in the ever-evolving world of digital art. Keep up to date with the latest in the world of NFTs, digital collectibles, and interactive experiences based on the Tezos blockchain.

For entrepreneurs:
Go to Spotlight for news and updates on major DeFi projects and developments within the Tezos ecosystem that directly impact business and finance. Explore the projects that have been granted funds by the Tezos Foundation and other organizations in the Tezos ecosystem, and hear from entrepreneurs using Tezos to transform their businesses.

Spotlight is administered by Blokhaus - a marketing and communications agency that specializes in the blockchain and Web3 space. Follow @Tezos_Spotlight to stay up to date with new content and announcements.