What We Learned From TezArtMTL

Highlighting the TezArtMTL event that featured 80 different NFT artists on Tezos.

By William McKenzie


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A Birds Eye View Exploring Tezos Place In The World of Digital Art With Richard Entrup image 1

If there’s one thing that’s become apparent, it’s that the Tezos community is no stranger to artistic talent. In that spectrum, there was an event that took place on September 15th, 2023 called TezArtMTL. Featuring 80 different artists and several curators and organizers, the event brought together many artists minting on Tezos in beautiful Montreal, Canada.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the highlights from the event.

NFTs and More NFTs #

When I look at the culture of the art community on Tezos, I can find no better example than the thoughts of Richard Entrup. In Richard’s words on TezTalks Radio, “I always felt like Tezos was about the art first. Let’s face it, the PFPs drove this movement, not art. A very small percentage of NFT sales were art or art related”.

Those words encapsulate what many of us involved in the Tezos NFT ecosystem know and feel already. But, for outsiders it may be a bit cloudy as to what is being done here. It shows how robust and talented the artistic community here on Tezos really is.

With that thought in mind, let’s highlight some of the amazing artists and creators who had their works showcased at TezArtMTL.

Cem Hasimi

What We Learned From TezArtMTL, image 2

Cem is a talented artist here on .

Tom Lauerman

What We Learned From TezArtMTL, image 3

Tom is another talented artist and educator here on Tezos. Using clay sculptures and combining real-world materials with code, his works can be found on OBJKT.


What We Learned From TezArtMTL, image 4

Ranxdeer is a designer and visual artist on Tezos. Some of her works can be found on OBJKT. This particular piece is called “Presence”.

Ceren Su Celik

What We Learned From TezArtMTL, image 5

Ceren is another digital artist and painter on Tezos. Her works can be found on OBJKT.

Igor Tsvetkov

What We Learned From TezArtMTL, image 6

Igor is a talented artist and filmmaker on Tezos. Some of Igor’s works can be found on OBJKT.

What We Learned #

From all the support from curators and organizers of the TezArtMTL event, it’s clear to see that the Tezos art community is not only alive, but thriving. As we’ve been in a cooldown period in the greater blockchain landscape, a lot of the things that were once popular such as PFP projects have began to dwindle in interest.

Events like TezArtMTL showcased that not only is there still an interest in NFTs, but Tezos based NFTs. With 80 different artists featured, I’ve barely scratched the surface on some of the talent that can be found on Tezos.

I’m amazed at some of the talented individuals who were featured in the TezArtMTL lineup, many of whom I had yet to discover. That in itself just goes to show how large this community really is and what they can accomplish when they come together.

While I cannot speak entirely on the behalf of all of Tezos Commons, our mission is simple. We’re here to build and support communities on Tezos like TezArtMTL. If you have an event you’re trying to host and need help or guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out!