Which Tezos Wallet is Right for Me?

A closer look at some of the different Tezos-based wallets and the features each one offers to users.

By William McKenzie


1,250 words, 7 minute read

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One of the most crucial gateways for any newcomer coming into the web3 space, or Tezos ecosystem for that matter, is a digital wallet. While most ecosystems generally have several different wallets, it can be tough to figure out which one is most suitable for your use.

The Tezos ecosystem is no different, offering wallets for desktop users, mobile-friendly ones, and even allowing users to create digital wallets simply from a social handle like a Twitter (X) account, Reddit, Meta, Google, etc. Let’s highlight some of the popular options to choose from and what each one offers while keeping in mind, that there is no “official” wallet for Tezos.

Kukai #

Kukai]( is a web wallet for the Tezos ecosystem. Thanks to a unique feature called DirectAuth, users can create a Tezos wallet in a matter of seconds by simply logging in with a Twitter (X), Reddit, Meta, Google, or an email. One of the neat benefits of this functionality is that they can also receive tez or NFTs in an account tied to their social handle even if they haven’t set up their Tezos wallet yet.

Some Tezos based NFTs: Mooncakes

If you’re an avid NFT collector, this wallet is a good fit as it has a detailed UI for all the different NFTs you collect and/or already own as highlighted above. There is also a dedicated “Discover” page featuring popular NFT collections so that new users can learn more about the Tezos ecosystem from within the wallet.

The example above is also a part of Kukai, a collection of different Mooncake NFTs designed to help new users explore blockchain concepts by interacting with the Tezos network. In return for doing so, users can earn Mooncakes by completing challenges and quests from the website.

Overall, Kukai serves as a great option for NFT collectors or beginners with limited knowledge or previous experience interacting with wallets or web3 applications.

Temple #

Temple Wallet is a web and mobile wallet for the Tezos ecosystem developed by the Madfish team. For users who are more experienced with browser extension wallets like MetaMask, Temple can be downloaded as web extension on Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and many others with support for Safari coming soon.

Temple is a very popular solution for those who want to have a mobile wallet available on their Android or iOS devices. Users have all the same functionality that would be expected within a wallet such as sending and receiving tez, viewing token balances, NFTs, and more. However, Temple also has some nice features such as a built-in token swap and the ability to purchase tez with a credit card via Wert.

Temple Wallet also features a native token known as TKEY which is used as a ‘cashback’ like feature on swaps by users where users get a small amount of crypto back for using their internal swap feature. Additionally, users can earn TKEY tokens by watching ads within the wallet.

If you’re a mobile power user or plan to participate and explore a lot of DeFi on Tezos, Temple is a great option as it contains a built-in token swap and lots of support for Tezos DeFi tools like Quipuswap, Yupana Finance, and more.

Umami #

Umami Wallet is desktop and mobile wallet for the Tezos ecosystem with an emphasis of catering to more advanced users as well as those who are new. Similar to Kukai’s DirectAuth feature, Umami also allows users to create a new wallet by simply fetching their Google account details.

Featuring all the things you would expect in a blockchain wallet with added support for Tezos Domains and Tezos Profiles, Umami has support for more advanced features such as a multi-sig wallet, and the ability to batch your Tezos transactions. So, if you’re trying to submit several transactions at once, Umami allows you to do so within the wallet and to batch those transactions even if they contain different assets such as a token like TKEY or an NFT.

Within the mobile wallet, users also have a new feature called “Certify”. If you’re attending an NFT conference and want to prove verifiably that you own a NFT quickly, within the wallet users can highlight the NFT. They will then be given a QR code that can be used as a point of access for in-person events. Talk about neat!

Overall, Umami provides a strong mix of appealing to both beginner and more advanced users but in my opinion, it is certainly recommended for more advanced Tezos users.

Plenty Wallet #

Plenty Wallet is a mobile wallet for the Tezos ecosystem available for download on iOS and Android devices. Just as Kukai and Umami both offer social login access, Plenty Wallet allows users to create a new wallet using their Apple, Google, Meta, or X accounts.

The wallet is organized in a appealing way with widgets similar to the ones on your iPhone. Within the wallet, users have the ability to purchase tez with a credit card using Wert. A unique feature to the wallet is the ability to organize your NFTs in a gallery format, much like an art exhibition.

Overall, the Plenty Wallet is a great choice for mobile power users and NFT collectors allowing easy onboarding and providing lots of quick links to educational Tezos resources. Also, check out their slick looking mobile UI!

AirGap #

AirGap is a desktop and mobile wallet with Tezos support for iOS and Android users. AirGap is more focused on security and features a software cold wallet solution for Tezos, allowing users to store their private key and sign transactions offline with an AirGap Vault and broadcast them to the AirGap wallet.

As the team behind the AirGap wallet developed Beacon, using Tezos-based DApps is seamless and support is frequent. If you’re not familiar with Beacon, it’s the dominant interface for the Tezos ecosystem that allows users to connect their Tezos wallet with a DApp and interact with it. Featuring support for NFTs as well, users can view their NFTs and send and receive different Tezos-based tokens as well within the wallet.

Overall, the AirGap wallet is a great choice for those looking for high levels of security and may be active in several different blockchain ecosystems.

Trust Wallet #

Trust Wallet is web and mobile wallet with Tezos support for iOS and Android users. Similar to Temple, users can download the Trust wallet as an extension within Google Chrome, Brave Browser, and others. Additionally, users can purchase crypto with a credit card and swap tokens directly from the mobile app or web extension.

As the wallet supports most crypto assets, Trust Wallet is a great choice for those with exposure across several blockchain ecosystems and do not necessarily want or need the added functionality of other solutions.

Final Thoughts #

There are a lot of different wallet options for Tezos users to choose from. Whether you’re an advanced user and want to use Umami’s multi-sig wallet, a mobile power user interested in showcasing their NFTs with Plenty’s personalized gallery, a wilely blockchain veteran wanting an airgapped solution, or a newcomer wanting easy onboarding through Kukai’s DirectAuth feature; the Tezos ecosystem has something to meet your needs. The vehicle to interact with the Tezos ecosystem is right in front of you and all you have to do is enter the keys to start up the engine with one of these amazing wallets!