Why Minting NFTs on Tezos Makes Total Sense

5 important reasons to mint your NFTs on Tezos

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In the past 2 years, the world of NFTs has exploded with activity which has attracted artists, collectors, and enthusiasts from all walks of life. While Tezos has been able to capture a big part of the NFT world, from time to time I come across artists from other chains contemplating if they should join the Tezos NFT scene and my answer is always an emphatic YES!

In this article, I want to go over some important reasons on why minting NFTs on Tezos makes total and complete sense!

Inclusivity #

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One of the standout features of the Tezos protocol is its remarkably low transaction fees. Unlike Ethereum, where the cost of minting NFTs can be prohibitively high, Tezos enables artists to set lower prices as they don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just on minting fees.

This low-cost advantage opens up a world of possibilities, making the chain more inclusive to artists all over the world, collectors, and fans who want to participate without breaking the bank. By reducing barriers to entry, Tezos empowers a wider range of creators to showcase their work and engage with a global audience.

Fostering Innovation and Experimentation #

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Tezos’ low transaction fees also foster a culture of experimentation within the NFT space. With lower costs associated with minting and trading NFTs, artists and developers have the freedom to explore new ideas, push creative boundaries, and innovate without fear of significant financial risk.

This creates an environment where fresh and groundbreaking art forms can emerge, ensuring that the Tezos ecosystem remains dynamic and at the forefront of artistic innovation. The vibrant art scene on Tezos has allowed artists to try things that have never been done in the digital art world and cement themselves as digital pioneers.

Art-Focused Community #

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The Tezos community boasts a passionate and art-focused community that plays a crucial role in the blockchain’s success as an NFT hub. Artists and collectors have found a welcoming environment where they can connect, collaborate, share, and showcase their creations. The community’s commitment to supporting artists, combined with the platform’s low fees and inclusive nature, makes Tezos an ideal home for artists of all backgrounds and experience levels.

The strong emphasis on art nurtures a sense of camaraderie and mutual appreciation which is not limited just to the users, but as we have seen many times already, even the NFT marketplaces on Tezos share the collaborative spirit and have the artists and collectors as their first and main focus.

Absence of Hard Forks #

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In my opinion this one of the most important and at the same time most overlooked benefits of minting on Tezos. Thanks to its -battle tested- on chain gorvernance feature, Tezos, unlike most other blockchains, does not undergo hard forks which can potentially split the chain (and the community) and cause NFTs to exist on multiple chains simultaneously.

Imagine you mint a 1-of-1 NFT on a blockchain and one day that blockchain goes through a hard fork with both the old and new chains staying alive. We’ve seen that happen many times with Ethereum Classic — Ethereum POW- Ethereum POS, Bitcoin — Bitcoin Cash- Bitcoin SV etc.

Now imagine that you also have perks or physical stuff attached to your NFT and suddenly there are 2 different owners of your NFT which is no longer a 1-of-1. I think you can see the potential problems that hard forks can cause.

By avoiding chain splits, Tezos eliminates the risk of dilution and fragmentation of your assets, preserving the value and uniqueness of each individual NFT. This stability ensures that artists and collectors will have confidence in the integrity and authenticity of their NFTs.

Longevity #

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As we said, Tezos is a blockchain designed to evolve over time through its process of on-chain governance. This unique feature allows the platform to adapt and constantly upgrade which has been proven with the 13 protocol upgrades it has already gone through.

Artists minting and collectors collecting NFTs on Tezos can trust that their NFT assets will continue to thrive, evolve, and remain relevant as the platform incorporates new technologies and features. Being able to constantly evolve, adapt. and innovate on the technological side of things eliminates the risk of the Tezos blockchain being left behind. It will always stay relevant as it can incorporate the newest and hottest developments.

This forward-thinking approach offers unparalleled longevity, making Tezos a safe choice for artists and collectors looking to create and preserve lasting value.

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If you think about it, it’s no wonder Tezos is becoming the go-to place for artists and collectors in the world of NFTs.

With its low fees, inclusive environment, vibrant art community, absence of hard forks, and commitment to continuous evolution, Tezos empowers creators to reach wider audiences, experiment freely, while ensuring the longevity of their NFTs. So wait no more and join the fun side of the NFT world!