Celebrating Womxn of Tezos - A Night of Inspiration at trilitech

The first-ever Womxn of Tezos meetup was held at trilitech. Maria, Katie, Stephanie, and Emma shared their stories and passion for web3.

By Beata Lipska


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Women Spotlight

A Gathering of Visionaries #

On a December evening in 2023, the air at trilitech buzzed with a unique blend of anticipation and camaraderie. It was the night of the first-ever Womxn of Tezos meetup - an event that wove together the stories and dreams of four remarkable women from the Tezos community: Maria, Katie, Stephanie, and Emma. Together, they painted a picture of what the future held for the blockchain.

Maria: The Designer’s Perspective in a Dynamic World #

Maria, a Product Designer at trilitech, brought a vibrant and insightful perspective to the table. Her journey into blockchain was marked by a recognition of the industry’s wild and fast-changing nature, contrasting starkly with the more traditional sector she was used to. Maria’s keen eye for design and user experience shone through as she described blockchain’s transformative potential and the challenges of creating user-centric solutions in a dynamic environment.

Katie: Operational Excellence in the Web3 Space #

Katie, trilitech’s Chief of Staff, recently celebrated her 6 year anniversary since venturing into the tech world. Her story was one of discovering uncharted territories within the operational realms of blockchain. Despite not being a coder, Katie’s journey underscored the importance of diverse skill sets in tech, especially in roles that drive the operational and strategic framework of blockchain endeavours.

Stephanie: Marketing Meets Blockchain #

Handling Social Media Marketing at trilitech, Stephanie’s transition into web3 was a narrative of blending creativity with technology. Her background in marketing and communications provided a unique lens through which she viewed the blockchain world. Stephanie emphasised the value of educational initiatives in demystifying the blockchain, highlighting her role in a creative space where she is able to continue learning and innovating.

Emma: The Software Engineer’s Organic Connection to Web3 #

Emma, a Software Engineer, contrasted her experiences in web2 and web3, finding a more organic and exhilarating connection in the latter. She spoke about being at the forefront of technological innovation, weaving her technical skills into the fabric of the Tezos ecosystem. Emma’s perspective offered a glimpse into the intricate and highly technical side of blockchain, yet underlined the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in this space.

Beyond Barriers: A Melody of Courage and Creativity #

Many of the challenges that women face in the blockchain were highlighted in the discussion. Stephanie emphasised how important it is to nurture an active community where all questions and voices are heard. Katie emphasised the diversity present in the web3 landscape, stressing that a multitude of roles—beyond just technical ones—are essential for the success of any blockchain ecosystem, reaffirming that skills beyond coding are not only welcomed but essential. Maria added her voice to the chorus, highlighting the need for heightened awareness and understanding of the complexities of blockchain.

The Power of Courage: Beata’s Reflection #

I also wanted add a bit from myself: the essence of courage - a beacon guiding us through the uncharted waters of web3. I believe it is brave to explore the web3 space without prior knowledge. In the end, this curiosity is what will guide us on our journey as we continue to grow and expand. I truly believe that the future of the blockchain will continue to expand and see more diversity as more inspiring women continue to build on it.

In Conclusion: A Symphony of Hope and Resilience #

The Womxn of Tezos meetup at Trilitech was more than just a gathering; it was a testament to the power of inclusivity and the indomitable spirit of women shaping the future of blockchain. As we parted ways that night, we left with a shared sense of hope and a renewed commitment to a future where blockchain is not just a technology but a legacy we build together.