World of Women Joins the Tezos Ecosystem

The art community joins Tezos to empower women in the digital economy, promote gender parity, and create opportunities in the evolving Web3 space.


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World of Women

World of Women (WoW), a pioneering force in digital art and NFTs championing the representation of women, announces its move to join the Tezos ecosystem. This strategic development sets in motion plans for a shared vision of accelerating gender parity across web3 and creating opportunities for women in the next era of the web.

Since its inception, WoW has achieved historic milestones in its commitment to building an inclusive future. “Addressing funding disparities is crucial to creating an inclusive ecosystem that empowers women. Tezos, with its transparent and decentralized nature, brings fair access to resources and opportunities to WoW’s network of women in the digital ecosystem. WoW building on Tezos offers hope for a future where women may be represented equally in a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable digital landscape,” said Kathleen Breitman, Tezos co-founder.

WoW seeks to end the gender disparity in web3, addressing the participation gap and the limited opportunities available to women in the sector. Women constitute 37% of cryptocurrency holders but only 27% of the web3 workforce and 13% of startup founding teams, according to Boston Consulting Group. This gap is further widened by the funding disparity, with male-led ventures receiving 4 times more investment, a testament to the ongoing challenges women face in securing funding, recognition, and support.

“Women are underrepresented and underserved across web3, just as they historically have been across tech and finance. But their contributions and potential are immense. WoW aims to unite the collective power of women across web3 and beyond and provide opportunities to further their impact at the forefront of art, tech, and culture,” says Shannon Snow, World of Women COO.

Powered by Tezos, WoW unveils aspirations to expand its reach and empower more women in the next era of the web by connecting and supporting women leaders, builders, and champions of the mission. With blockchain-enabled infrastructure, WoW will propel opportunities for women seeking to shape the digital frontier.

WoW will build on Etherlink, an EVM-compatible, non-custodial Layer 2 blockchain powered by Tezos Smart Rollups technology, offering low-cost, reliable, and fast transactions. “WoW and Tezos share similar origins of a woman co-founder with a vision amidst a male-dominated space. Now, we can combine the legacy of the WoW brand with the reliability of Tezos to build a novel economy for women to support women and propel their aspirations,” says Thomas Olivier, WoW CTO.

In joining the Tezos ecosystem, WoW is set to raise the bar on what’s possible for women in the digital age, offering a place for women to secure funding for their visions, support among peers, and access to opportunities and experiences made possible by the WoW brand and its prominent partner network. For web3 to reach its full potential and achieve mass adoption, women must have a role in shaping an inclusive future.

About WoW #

World of Women (WoW) emerged as a vision from celebrated digital artist Yam Karkai to ensure greater representation of women in the next era of the web. WoW’s iconic PFP generative art collections, World of Women and World of Women Galaxy, have hit historical milestones, achieving over $400m in total trading volume and a record-setting sale at Christie’s Evening Sale by a woman artist. Web3’s largest mission-driven brand, WoW has donated over $2m to charitable causes, supported over 500 artists through its fund, and has achieved art world credibility and mainstream success through brand partnerships with Billboard Magazine, Hasbro, Mastercard, Sephora, Michelin, FC Barcelona, LVMH’s Cloudy Bay, Samsung and more. WoW is represented by Guy Oseary, whose roster includes Madonna, U2 and the Bored Ape Yacht Club.